Last Sunday I had a rare day to myself. Chris Guy (gidsey) also had a few hours to spare so we met up at St Philips for a wander. We'd had a fair amount of snow a couple of days previously and the remains of this can be seen in some of the photographs. 
Most of the photographs were taken in the Saint Philips and Old Market areas, but we also took in some of the sights of Redfield and Saint Annes Park.

Things Can Only Get Bitter

Showcase Cinema

Showcase Cinema

Market Fayre

Sunday Market

Curry In A Hurry

Old Toyota

Staircase - Bristol Fruit Market

Don't Forget Valentines Day

Market Diner

That way

Graffiti Near Feeder Road

Not-So-Mobile Home

Exit Brexit

The Colour Purple

Church Road Underpass

Clarks Wood

Fifty Shades

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