I had a 'big' birthday last week, its all down hill from here! One positive of having a birthday that ends with a '0' is that I was the recipient of a fair amount of cash from friends and family. So what did I do? Well I went out and bought another camera. In fact I bought two cameras, a Fuji x100F and a cheapo Lomo Instant (polaroid). I was off work today and the rain had finally abated so I headed out with the Fuji. My 15 year old son also came along as he is starting to develop an interest in photography.
I normally use a Nikon DSLR so it made a pleasant change to have a camera around my neck which didn't weigh a ton. I always shoot in RAW but decided to have a go using some of the Fuji film simulation modes which only work as JPEGS. The light wasn't great but considering it was my first time using it I'm pretty pleased. I think I'm going to enjoy using it. *Please excuse the crap phone photo of the new cameras.

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